jacqueline-hill.com mirrors

jacqueline-hill.com was a website dedicated to Jacqueline Hill's work (shocker). There was also a Tumblr mirror and a Twitter account.

Sadly, for unknown and possibly personal reasons, the person who runned the website deactivated it, including the Tumblr blog and Twitter account, making a good chunk of the articles, most pictures and all videos to be lost.

Here I compile everything I could find of both the website and the blog. It's not really that easy, especially because there are still many, many things that can't be recovered, but still I'm thankful for the Wayback Machine.

Jacqueline Hill photographed on set by E.G. Malindine for Illustrated magazine (1953)

Procrastination, press-cutting detective work and list compilation plans

Jacqueline Hill: A Life in Pictures (2011)

Barbara outwits Tlotoxl with some swift knife action: clip from The Aztecs (1964)

Jacqueline Hill in Maigret: "The Trap" (December 1962)

Working at Cadbury's Bournville factory (1944-49)

Interview with Jacqueline Hill in Doctor Who Magazine (October 1985)

Ann Davies recalls her friendship with Jacqueline Hill

Excerpt from Radio Free Skaro's interview with the Guerrier brothers

Obituary in The Times (24 Feb 1993)

Out of this World: "Medicine Show" (August 1962)

BBC Sunday-Night Play: The Chopping Block (October 1960)

BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: The Velvet Alley (November 1959)

"He had a beret on his head and he said 'Fuck', and we'd never, absolutely never heard that word in Birmingham": Pamela Howard on Birmingham Rep in the 1950s

BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: The Legend of Pepito (June 1955)

Verity Lambert and Jacqueline Hill

"Homeless Kittens Find Fame": Daily Mirror piece on The Watching Cat (April 1961)

"Photo-File" from Doctor Who Weekly (January 1980)

The Times reviews The Comedy Man (November 1964)

"Another world and another age": Marjorie Norris reviews "The Planet of Decision" in The Stage (July 1965)

Another rarely seen photo: The Watching Cat (April 1961)

A photo from The Man Who Came to Dinner (May 1960)

Light shed by Spotlight: The Man Who Came to Dinner, The Executioners, and more.

"It has certainly captured me": Marjorie Norris reviews “An Unearthly Child” in The Stage (November 1963)

"Is the Tardis party becoming attuned to horrors?": The Stage reviews The Aztecs (May 1964)

Penny Francis on television series The Six Proud Walkers

Barbara runs down Daleks in a dustcart: the iconic clip from The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964)

Programme for The Shrike at the Princes Theatre, London (February 1953)

"Five Minutes that Changed Her Future: Miss Hill Points the New Way to Find Fame Quickly" – Evening Standard (1953)

Watch The Blue Parrot here

The Blue Parrot (1953)

"She was really remarkable": Maureen O'Brien, William Russell and Peter Purves recall working with Jacqueline Hill

Jacqueline Hill as Sandy Lavery in The Comedy Man (1963)

'I said to Jackie, "Let's do Separate Tables, the Terence Rattigan play"': recollections from William Russell

Playbill for Separate Tables at the Leeds Grand (July 1965)