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Bernardo (Bernie) / Scifirenegade (Sci)

20-smth year old portuguese raccoon

He/him, trans and queer and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Languages: Portuguese (native), English (level B-smth I think), really basic French, learning Japanese

it is I! hello!


(list may grow over time)

Art and Art History

  • Vincent van Gogh and general 19th century art
  • Medieval art
  • Baroque art
  • Cinema history
  • Animation history

Media featuring delinquents (I blame Ace)

Obscure and lost media (we don't talk about the LMW)

Malware and malware analysis

Old tech (mostly computers)

Demonology (despite being atheist)

Data hoarding / preservation

Animals and taxonomy

Martial arts (Goju-Ryu)

Other things I dunno

pixel van gogh made by me


Retro, obscure, weird vibes

Sega Dreamcast

Sony PlayStation

Computer games

Shenmue series

Bioshock series

Phantasy Star series

Vib Ribbon

Epic Mickey

Tekken series

Sonic the Hedgehog series

The Sims series


Science fiction


Horror, kaiju, gridhouse

Movies featuring Pierre Kirby (lol)

Back to the Future trilogy

Ghostbusters duology

Beauty and the Beast (1991)


Mary Poppins

Doctor Who (1996)


Total Recall (1990

pixel pierre kirby made by me


Science fiction

Puppet shows, children's shows

Doctor Who

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot

Aasi Morso ja Mouru

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Big Jim and the Figaro Club

Murder She Wrote

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

One Punch Man

pixel morso made by me


Science fiction

Non-fiction (history and art)

The Little Prince by Saint-Exupery

Human Nature by Paul Cornell

The Algebra of Ice by Lloyd Rose

Van Gogh: The Life by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith


Favourite actors: Jacqueline Hill and Sylvester McCoy (shocker)!

Jacqueline Hill wink ;)Sylvester McCoy spoonsspoonsspoons

Favourite Musical Genres: Any genre, from punk to vapourwave, from electronica to classical. Lately been on a New Wave & Synth-Pop kick :D

Favourite Song: Vincent by Don McLean. I cry every single time :(

Favourite Band / Artist: Queen or Linkin Park, depending on mood (no, I do not take constructive criticism).

Doctor Who FAQ

Favourite Doctor: Seventh Doctor all the way... Honestly I love them all in their own way ('cept the tenth...)

Favourite Companion: Ace! She was what finally made me watch the classic series! (I also love Barbara!)

Favourite Non-Companion Character: Brigadier Bambera would kick my arse and I would thank her.

When I started watching Doctor Who: Back in 2010/2011... First episode (officially) was Vincent and the Doctor. Unnoficially? Planet of the Ood.

Favourite Story: Ghost Light! Yes, and I understood everything lol. I also really like Vincent and the Doctor.

Favourite Alien Species / Monster: The Waterman from Q20 appeared in one kinda crappy comic and I love them; they're so cute! I also really love the Chumblies and Cybermen!

General FAQ

Yo you download shit? Ew. I consider myself a data preservationist (or a neopirate lol). The stuff I download is mostly games, movies and Doctor Who stuff. I also like sharing so if you need anything hit me up. I just got 2 Tb of crap... and counting...

Yo what's up with the demons? I like demons. Funky lil frens. (I do not believe demons truly exist, I simply enjoy the a e s t h e t i c)

YOU FURRY ARSE So what? I like anthropomorphic animal designs, they're fun! So did you when you were a little critter :P

trash panda made by me, outdated

What kind of crap you have on the brain: I have autism and depression. Which makes absolutely sense when you look at this site's content :P

Why your site so ugly?? You think I wanna use a bunch of JS?? HTML+CSS only in this house! Not that JS makes stuff prettier, it's actually kind of a safety hazard. I also don't have much of an interest in the old web like so many people on Neocities, yet my website looks more like it than theirs lol

Internet Experience: In terms of having a webpage, this is my first one. When it comes to surfing the metaphorical waves of the 'net, been doing so since 2007, using those CDs. Websites I visited were Sítio dos Miúdos (rip). I started visiting Miniclip, and YouTube at my school (around the year 2009). Got my first social media at around that time (Kuska, hosted on Sítio dos Miúdos, got purged quickly). I only got another social media website at 15, an old Tumblr blog I don't use anymore. This website was created in August 2019!

What are your dreams (of conquest!)? I wish to work at a museum. I wish to make (bad) art and animations. I wish I can make my game and comic ideas a reality. I wish the things I make put a smile on people's faces :)

Random Faves

Favourite Colour: Blue or yellow, I can't choose!

Favourite Food Pasta... all of it... I don't care what it is, if it's pasta, it's good.

Favourite Drink: Water :P

Favourite Fruit: As a wise man once said: "Bananas are good :)"

Favourite Season: Considering climate change, any day that isn't too hot nor too cold is perfect.

Favourite Time of Day: Morning, I guess. Mind's still fresh, but it's easy to make me a grump for the rest of the day. Hey, you win some, you loose some.

Favourite Animals: Tigers, dogs, snakes, owls, raccoons, bats... oh dear

Favourite Clothes: Basically anything that makes me look like the fanciest punk?? Suits, hoodies, high-waisted trousers and chais...

Favourite Holiday: Not a holiday person. Would be Halloween if I were allowed to celebrate it.

Favourite Video Makers on the Tube: SomeOrdinaryGamers and LGR

Favourite Flower: Roses, because my Grandmothers had roses in their gardens.



  • Portátil Magalhães (1st edition), WinXP/Caixa Mágica (12?) - retired
  • Packard Bell, Win7 - going to be deepcleaned
  • Lenovo IdeaPad C340, hybrid computer, Win10


  • Nintendo Wii (GameCube compatible)
  • PSP (fat)
  • PS4 (500 Mb)
  • Master System II
  • Atlantis 1680 (Famiclone)
  • Brickmania (LCD GameBoy clone; only played Tetris) - missing

don't follow if you're human okay bye

see lotsa graphics to explain my mushy brain

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