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Bernardo (Bernie) / Scifirenegade (Sci). 20-smth year old portuguese raccoon. He/him and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Interests (list may grow over time): Art and Art History (Vincent van Gogh, medieval art, baroque art, 19th century art) | video games (retro, obscure, Sega, PSX) | movies (exploitation, grindhouse, science fiction, horror, kaiju, japanese) | TV shows (science fiction, children's, puppet, obscure) | obscure and lost media (screw the LMW) | malware and malware analysis | TV history | animation history | demonology | books (fantasy, science fiction) | data hoarding | animals | music (unidentified, obscure, 80s, Osamu Sato) | other things I dunno
pixel van gogh made by me



  • Yo you download shit? Ew. I'm a data hoarder, I guess. People are elitists, if you don't download every thing that is to download, they treat you like crap :/ So in reality I'm not. The stuff I download is mostly games and Doctor Who stuff anyway. I also like sharing so if you need anything hit me up. I just got 2 Tb of crap... and counting...

  • Yo what's up with the demons? I like demons. Funky lil frens.
  • YOU FURRY ARSE So what? I like anthropomorphic animal designs. So did you when you were a little critter :P
    trash panda made by me, outdated
  • What kind of crap you have on the brain: I have autism and depression. Which makes absolutely sense when you look at this site's content :P My psychologist also put on a possibily of some sort of personality disorder or something. (tbf I was actually diagnosed with Asperger's but that's not really a thing anymore?? It was also called Austistic Psychopathy by WHO, so I'm a serial killer now >:) )
  • Why your site so ugly?? Brotha you think I wanna shove a bunch of JS?? HTML+CSS only in this house! Not that JS makes stuff prettier, it's actually kind of a safety hazard. I also have no interest in the old web like so many people here, yet my website looks more like it than theirs lol
  • Internet Experience: In terms of having a webpage, this is my first one. When it comes to surfing the metaphorical waves of the 'net, been doing so since 2007, when I was 8, using those CDs. Websites I visited were Sítio dos Miúdos (rip). I started visiting Miniclip, and YouTube at my school at the age of 10. Got my first social media at around that time (Kuska, hosted on Sítio dos Miúdos, got purged quickly). I only got another social media website at 15, an old Tumblr blog I don't use anymore. This website was created in August 2019!







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    see lotsa graphics to explain my mushy brain

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    seventh doctor playing the spoons