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Name: Bernardo (Bernie) / Scifirenegade (Sci)

Age: 20 something years old

What: A Portuguese turtle/goblin/raccoon/alien/thing of the Patrex Chapter

Gender/Pronouns: Boy, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, so he/him

What do I do: Study to become an art historian, draw, read, play video games, watch tv/movies, download shit and, of course, play with my doggie :D

Favourite Artist: Vincent van Gogh, man
pixel van gogh

Favourite Books: The Little Prince, by Saint-Exupery

Favourite Video Games: Shenmue, Bioshock, Phantasy Star IV, Vib Ribbon...

Favourite Consoles: Dreamcast, PSX, computah

Favourite TV Shows: DOCTOR WHO is best! Also The Adventures of Sir Lancelot, Aasi Morso ja Mouru, Miss Fischer...

Favourite Movies: Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, the Doctor Who movie, Beauty and the Beast (the ANIMATED version), Coraline, Metropolis, any movie with Pierre Kirby in it lol
pixel pierre kirby

Favourite actors:Jacqueline Hill and Sylvester McCoy (shocker)! I'm working on some stuff about Jackie: a complete filmography and a catologue of what's left of it.

wink ;)spoonsspoonsspoons

Favourite Musical Genres: Can like pretty much any genre, from punk to vapourwave, from electronica to classical. Lately been on a Rick Astley kick :D


Favourite Doctor: Seventh Doctor all the way... Honestly I love them all in their own way ('cept the tenth...)

Favourite Companion: Ace! She was what finally made me watch the classic series! (I also love Barbara!)

When I started watching Doctor Who: Back in 2010/2011... Must've been 11/12... First episode (officially) was Vincent and the Doctor


Yo you download shit? Ew. I'm a data hoarder, I guess. People are elitists, if you don't download every thing that is to download, they treat you like crap :/ It's mostly games and Doctor Who stuff anyway and I just got 2 Tb of crap... and counting...

Yo what's up with the demons? I like demons. They funky lil frens.

YOU FURRY ARSE So what? I like anthropomorphic animal designs. So did you when you were a little critter :P
trash panda

What kind of crap you have on the brain: I have autism and depression. Which makes absolutely sense when you look at this site's content :P My psychologist also put on a possibily of some sort of personality disorder or something


Favourite Colour: Blue or yellow, I can't choose

Favourite Food Pasta... all of it...

Favourite Season: Considering global warming and climate change, any day that isn't too hot nor too cold it's perfect.

Favourite Drink: Water :P

Favourite Animals: Tigers, dogs, snakes, owls, raccoons, bats...

Favourite Clothes: Baggy clothing please. Or suits. Basically anything that makes me look like the fanciest punk??

Favourite Holiday: Not a holiday person. Would be Halloween if I were allowed to celebrate it.


Values: Treat everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, equally and respectfully. Until an individual disrespects you, after that, disrespect said individual. Also, you live your life, I live mine. If you're not hurting anyone, who am I to judge you, but don't dare judge me, if I'm not hurting anyone.

σ( ̄、 ̄〃)