sonic drinking coffeesonic drinking coffee




  • Yo you download shit? Ew. I'm a data hoarder, I guess. People are elitists, if you don't download every thing that is to download, they treat you like crap :/ It's mostly games and Doctor Who stuff anyway. I also like sharing so if you need anything hit me up. I just got 2 Tb of crap... and counting...

  • Yo what's up with the demons? I like demons. Funky lil frens.
  • YOU FURRY ARSE So what? I like anthropomorphic animal designs. So did you when you were a little critter :P
    trash panda
  • What kind of crap you have on the brain: I have autism and depression. Which makes absolutely sense when you look at this site's content :P My psychologist also put on a possibily of some sort of personality disorder or something. (tbf I was actually diagnosed with Asperger's but that's not really a thing anymore. It was also called Austistic Psychopathy by WHO, so I'm a serial killer now >:) )


  • Favourite Colour: Blue or yellow, I can't choose
  • Favourite Food Pasta... all of it...
  • Favourite Season: Considering global warming and climate change, any day that isn't too hot nor too cold it's perfect.
  • Favourite Drink: Water :P
  • Favourite Animals: Tigers, dogs, snakes, owls, raccoons, bats...
  • Favourite Clothes: Baggy clothing please. Or suits. Basically anything that makes me look like the fanciest punk??
  • Favourite Holiday: Not a holiday person. Would be Halloween if I were allowed to celebrate it.

    σ( ̄、 ̄〃)