Baumgartner Restoration - paintings' restorations

Bob Ross - the one and only

Evelyn Lovette - artist who actually wants to help DeviantArt artists instead of mocking them like everyone else

Rebecca Blackwell Read - sir I am in awe the art is so good

The Drawfee Channel - you're going to make it, dears

WiktorStribog - creator of Smile Guide


brutalmoose - doing more oddball content and cooking

LGR Foods - he makes sandwiches


GARANIKOR - so much going on here...

Doctor Who

AvatarYoda - lots of Doctor Who, Avatar and Star Wars edits

Babelcolour - the most well known in the Doctor Who colourisations community

Dalek 63•88 - the history of the Dalek props

Doctor Who Poop - what a splendid idea! Yep, ytps are still going... kinda...

DoctorWhoClips - a colection of clips from the show

Dr. Luk. - German Doctor Who things

endofthelane1 - some interesting Doctor Who things

farfrombeingallover - colourisations

Josh Snares - from Doctor Who history to Doctor Who oddities to that one marvelous reenactement (?) of the K9 and Co. intro

Kieran Highman - the DW colourisation business is a big one

MrDalekEmperor2 - lots of Doctor Who things

noisyheart - some DW stuff sprinkled there

perfectchichi - as a Portuguese, the name's hilarious. But oh boy some Sylvester McCoy and BBV stuff here

Peylix-Ohm - Doctor Who and tokusatsu comedy videos

tdrury - an assortment of things, but the DW stuff is good

unwillingadventurer - DW parodies and William Russell stuff

whocolour - more colourisations

Horror/Internet Oddities

Atrocity Guide - obscure internet oddities

Barely Sociable - more internet oddities

blameitonjorge - so much stuff going on here, internet mysteries, small documentaries related to children's shows, lost media...

Dylan the Knight Owl - while the personality is a bit iffy, the content the dude puts out is extremely interesting

Elder's Vault - internet mysteries and stuff, by a fancy turtle

Fredrik Knudsen - awesome documentaries about obscure internet things... and hurdy gurdys

Inside a Mind - ARG coverage

Lazy Masquerade - spoppy scary stories, but I like the true crime

MrDachshund99 - internet mysteries. Kinda like where he's going but how dare you talk that way about Aasi Morso ja Mouru! (jk)

Nefarious TV - more internet and ARG things

Nexpo - this one has a bit of a rep on the Satocord thanks to his crap video on His earlier video are cool though (if it's better than scaretheater, it's good lol)

Nick Crowley - mysteries, some internet stuff

NightDocs - this is becoming a bit redundant eh?

Noir Ascii - internet and game mysteries, a bit

Nothing is Revealed - cept there are a few revelations here hmmm

Pseudiom - not so much on the mystery part, but he talks about the internet a lot

ReignBot - talk about stuff. Has been going to a true crime path now

Tara A. Devlin - gameplays of japanese horror visual novels and japanese stories

Things That Go Bump - urban legends

Whang! - internet oddities and shit

Movies & TV & Books

Brandon Tenold - snarky Canadian reviews cult movies

CellSpex - reviews and essays for animated movies

Cosmodore - mostly video essays on animated movies

Dark Corners Reviews - old horror movie reviews

kenny lauderdale - anime from the 80's hell yeah

PaleoSteno - short animated movie reviews

Phelan Porteous - angry Canadian talks about TMNT or crappy animated movies

poparena - home of Nick Knacks and the Animorphs Book Guide! Came for the DW, stayed for everything else!

PushingUpRoses - Murder She Wrote reviews! Used to talk about adventure games, but that has stopped for reasons.

Saberspark - what the hell is this weird movie??

Stoned Gremlin Productions - home of the Cinema Snob, still strangely entertaining in this day and age


C. W. Schultz - well, I subscribed for the music

Niche Audities - music oddities, lots of Osamu Sato stuff!

Pad Chennington - 【that vapourwave music】

SupraDarky - video game music showcase

Vapor Memory - colection of vapourwave music

Vapor Memory 2- another colection of vapourwave music

Video Games & Tech

AntDude - comedic game reviewer; big Kirby fan

Gaming Historian - history behind the games, I guess

hfric - lots and lots of games showcase

Hidden Palace - the preservation of game development media

Jimmy Hapa (Import Gaming FTW!) - showing off interesting Japan-exclusive games

Kim Justice - brit making documentaries about microcomputers

LGR - watching LGR talking about old computers and games, sitting in the sofa drinking some tea is an afternoon well spent

LSuperSonicQ - video games and lost media

MG25 - assorted stuff, plus a nice video on Gimmick

miiyouandmii2 - what happens during a game's development?

Nitro Rad - 3d platformers and indie rpg maker games,

PachiiMochii - pleasant series about interesting game related things

PatMac - video game plushies, once you get past the "OMG they played with the plushie!" attitude"

PuPTooN - Osamu Sato video games!

Scarfulhu - adventure games and other things. Very wholesome

SNES drunk - short game reviews focused on the SNES

SomeOrdinaryGamers - talking about games and the internet, the occasional virus or deep web video

Super Bunnyhop - video essays about games

Techmoan - talking about new and old tech

True Crime

Criminally Listed - good research, don't be fooled by that voice

Dark Curiosities - one of my favourites

Malevolent Media - unsolved murders

Merc - similar to Criminally Listed, cept this is an Indian man, but I like the accent so...

Mr. Davis - cold cases, another of my favourites

ObsoleteOddity - old weird cases and stuff

That Chapter - endearing Irishman talks about true crime

The Unknown Observer - Epstein stuffs and other stuffs

Unresolved - unresolved cases podcast


Burden - For those who are no longer human. For those who can't relate.

Defunctland - talking about defunct theme parks

Imaginedom - A mistake called life

Ivan M - info on Barbie.avi, as it's mostly well know by that name

KrainaGrzybowTV - papapapapapapapieru

Magiczny Świat Ani - girl goes missing I think

RIP VHS - user uploads videos from random tapes they find