Links! For Things!

The 88x31 GIF Collection is a page with tons of these button thingies!

ACME Labelmaker let's you create logos and things. has lots of recipes is freaking awesome and you can spend a whole afternoon just browsing about. Kudos for the Wayback Machine and the video game section.

Budget Bytes has cheap recipes

Carla Rodriguez's (PixKaruumi) Photobucket is someone's photobucket with g r a p h i c s.

Cookie Clicker is an incremental game where you click a cookie. The rest, well, you have to see for yourself...

CoolArchive has lots of gifs, clip arts and animations!

The Cutting Room Floor "is a site dedicated to unearthing and researching unused and cut content from video games."

Death Generator generates (duh) screenshots based on video games. You can write anything you want there!

Ezgif, in here, you can make your own gifs. So many options...

Giftcities is a website that catalogs gifs from the Wayback Machine.

Giga-Pet is a tumblr blog that will hit you right in the nostalgia bone.

Glitter Graphics is a place where you can find tons of graphics!

The Hacker's Manifesto shows you how hacking can be done for good.

Happy Happy Chat is something I don't really know about, but seems interesting.

Horrorgifs has a lot of horror themed gifs.

Jack Monroe has cheap recipes

Kittens Game is an incremental game in which you're a cat in a catnip forest and you manage your little kitten village. It's hard as balls.

Leon Arnott's Site has a lot of CSS animations.

Lisa the First is here to remind me that I need to play the Lisa series.

NoClip let's you look around game environments.

Online Convert let's you convert tons of file formats. Never used it though.

Online Converter is the same thing as Online Convert, but I actually use this.

Online MIDI Sequencer allows you to create short midi sequences

Oocities is an archive of Geocities. It goes down constantly though.

Osamu Sato Archives is an awesome repository of Osamu Sato's work! That means music, games, art, books. Everything that is found at least *cries in Rolypolys world tour*

Picrew, here you can create characters. All of these were made by artists!

Piskel is where you can make your own pixel art and animations. Pretty simple. It's what I use.

Pixel-Soup is a tumblr blog filled with graphics.

Sokoban is one of those box-moving games, but with a Zelda theme.

Starmen is an Earthbound forum/fansite thing, I guess

Textfiles has, erhm, textfiles...

The-Eye is a data hoarders dream. Tons of software, website archives, magazines, games...

Usagichan2 documents old anime and sci fi cons.

Vimm's Lair is a place where you can get some roms and ISOs. While not the most complete thing ever, it's still a nice place to find these things.

W3Schools is awesome for you to learn how to code.

WeTransfer is a file sharing website I barely use because some bitch uses it a lot and I hate her I want her dead

Wikipedia article on List of Proven Conspiracies, 'cause sometimes, wearing a tinfoil hat can give some results. It's an archive btw.