Aasi Morso ja Mouru

Aasi Morso ja Mouru is a Finnish puppet show from 1999. It's most well known for the character Morso, whom people deem as "creepy".

Morso is the middle one

Those people never even bothered to watch the first five episodes of the show (the ones available until Evan helped me get the other ones). This show is actually adorable!

It's about three friends, Aasi, the donkey; Morso, the... I don't know; and Mouru, the cat. They're very different from each other, not only regarding their looks, but regarding their personality as well. Aasi is reserved and shy, Morso has a dad-like personality, very calm; and Mouru is impulsive and confident. It teaches children to respect everyone regardless of their differences.

The show is very cozy, and has an autumn-y feel to it. The sets are very cartoony, which is fun! However, the puppets are very stiff. They're quite cute and perfect for plushies, but it doesn't let them move all that much.

You can watch all episodes here.