The white is on purpose :3

We live in a dystopian cyberpunk world. Cameras can recognise faces, your data is constantly collected and sold to the highest bidder, and more. I'm here to teach newbies to mitigate getting spied on and getting their info stolen as much as possible!

  1. Don't be a paranoid bitch!

    Come to terms with the fact that doing something is better than nothing. Mitigating as much as you can is better than not doing anything. Come to terms you'll never be fully private. This is a mistake many privacy-focused individuals fall onto. (Honestly you better off just living in the middle of the woods without a computer if you're a privacy nut and even then you would still get spied on. Just saying.)

  2. Use your brains!

    Don't take what I say or what others say for granted. Take this as a base and make your own research and don't forget to experiment!