Music I just so happen to enjoy. Also CDs or whatever I own. Companion page to that Song of the Week page.

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CDs I own (official)

Linkin Park - The Hunting Party

You can see a bit of their original selves here. Has a bit of a Minutes to Midnight vibe. Despite all this, it still doesn't reach the highs (or even lows) of that album. A disappointment, but hey, it's better than Living Things (and One More Light 🤢).

Dream stuff

Zoom - Hands Off

I listened to the whole thing on YT and I love it. So much so, I wish to own the vinyl one day. I just need to get a player :D

Johan Lindell - Ghost Rider / Goda Grannar

Both are the same album, it's just the language that changes (one is sung in English, the other in Swedish). I say this is the best of the best of New Wave. I've only found Goda Grannar for sale, as of December 2020.