Music I just so happen to enjoy. Also CDs or whatever I own. Companion page to that Song of the Week page.

No, I do not accept constructive criticism...

CDs I own (official)

Linkin Park - The Hunting Party

You can see a bit of their original selves here. Has a bit of a Minutes to Midnight vibe. Despite all this, it still doesn't reach the highs (or even lows) of that album. A disappointment, but hey, it's better than Living Things (and One More Light 🤢).

Dream stuff

Zoom - Hands Off

I listened to the whole thing on YT and I love it. So much so, I wish to own the vinyl one day. I just need to get a player :D

Johan Lindell - Ghost Rider / Goda Grannar

Both are the same album, it's just the language that changes (one is sung in English, the other in Swedish). I say this is the best of the best of New Wave. I've only found Goda Grannar for sale, as of December 2020.

Cool Artists

Some are not, ehrm, nice (when it comes to their actions rather than music), and I do not condone them.

Cool Albums

Queen - A Day at the Races