Links! For Things!


Future Blues, old Cowboy Bebop fansite

The Old School Otaku

Browser Games

A Dark Room, clicker game


AI Dungeon

Alternate History Simulator

Badger Kingdom, manage a group of badgers

Blaseball, I think it's baseball, but what is going on??

Civ Clicker, civilisation cliking away

Clicking Bad, become Walter White

Cookie Clicker is an incremental game where you click a cookie. The rest, well, you have to see for yourself...

Cursed Kin Generator

ForumWarz, Y2K RPG

Happy Happy Chat is something I don't really know about, but seems interesting.

Kingdom of Loathing, hilarious RPG

Kittens Game is an incremental game in which you're a cat in a catnip forest and you manage your little kitten village. It's hard as balls.

Little Alchemy

Prosperity, clicker game

Rat Chaos

Sokoban is one of those box-moving games, but with a Zelda theme.

Taiko Web

Ultra Business Tycoon III

Universal Paperclips, clicker game

The World's Biggest Pacman


100 Worldbuilding Prompts

19th Century Character Trope Generator

ACME Labelmaker let's you create logos and things.

Atari 2600 Labelmaker

Chaotic Shiny

Character Generator

Choly Knight, free patterns for plush making

Coolors, generate colour palettes

Death Generator generates (duh) screenshots based on video games. You can write anything you want there!

Ezgif, in here, you can make your own gifs. So many options...

JSPaint, MS Paint on your browser

Lunapic, online image editor

Online MIDI Sequencer allows you to create short midi sequences

Paletton, colour palettes

Picrew, here you can create characters. All of these were made by artists!

Piskel is where you can make your own pixel art and animations. Pretty simple. It's what I used to use.

Photomosh, glitch your pictures

Photopea online image editor


The Charley Project, cases of missing people, please go check it out and if you can help.

The Fifth Nail Exposed, the blog of a very yikes serial killer


Food has lots of recipes

Budget Bytes has cheap recipes

Jack Monroe has cheap recipes

Plain Chicken


Animal Crossing - Happy Island Designer


The Cutting Room Floor "is a site dedicated to unearthing and researching unused and cut content from video games."

Flashpoint, Flash preservation project

GameBoy Essentials

Handheld Underground, bootleg Gameboy roms

Lunatic Obscurity, obscure video games

Mother Forever, Mother fansite

NoClip let's you look around game environments.

OutRun 86


Rom Hacking

Starmen is an Earthbound forum/fansite thing, I guess

Graphics & Site Resources

The 88x31 GIF Collection is a page with tons of these button thingies!

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection

A Bunch of Backgrounds

Carl's Web Graphics

Carla Rodriguez's (PixKaruumi) Photobucket is someone's photobucket with g r a p h i c s.

CoolArchive has lots of gifs, clip arts and animations!

Cute Kawaii Resources

DaFont, free fonts

Engram Pixel

Giftcities is a website that catalogs gifs from the Wayback Machine.

Giga-Pet is a tumblr blog that will hit you right in the nostalgia bone.

Glitter Graphics is a place where you can find tons of graphics!

Horrorgifs has a lot of horror themed gifs.

Kawaii Sozai Web Graphics

Leon Arnott's Site has a lot of CSS animations.

Pixel-Soup is a tumblr blog filled with graphics.

W3Schools, the go-to place for html and css learning


Ascii Art

Flounder Online, a free hosting service of Gemini

The Hacker's Manifesto

Haikyo, abandoned Japan

LGR-DOS, LGR's website

Mastodon & Fediverse for Beginners, article

Microsoft Completely Confidential Secrets

Origami Way

Paper Airplane Designs


SCP Wiki

StartOS, 90s-themed startpage

Textfiles has, erhm, textfiles...

Vidar's Index, assortment of interesting

Wikipedia article on List of Inventors Killed by their Own Inventions

Wikipedia article on List of People Who Have Disappeared

Wikipedia article on List of People Who Have Lived at Airports

Wikipedia article on List of Proven Conspiracies, 'cause sometimes, wearing a tinfoil hat can give some results. It's an archive btw.

Wikipedia article on List of Unusual Deaths

Miscellaneous Media is freaking awesome and you can spend a whole afternoon just browsing about. Kudos for the Wayback Machine and the video game section.

Archive of Our Own, yeah if you don't support them, ya get the fck out

Does the Dog Die, search if there are triggers in a movie

Geocities Restorativland

Oocities, geocities archive

Osamu Sato Archives is an awesome repository of Osamu Sato's work! That means music, games, art, books. Everything that is found at least *cries in Rolypolys world tour*

Project Gutenberg



Tabletop Audio, ambient sounds for your D&D session

The-Eye is a data hoarders dream. Tons of software, website archives, magazines, games...

Usagichan2 documents old anime and sci fi cons.


Every Noise at Once

Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music

JPop80ss, City Pop and Jazz Fusion

LOA2K, deleted and inaccessible vapourwave

Map of Metal, conencting every metal genre, very buggy

Miel Nube Hiel, a guy's list of lesser known 80s music

r/LostWave, mysterious music.

r/vintageobscura, obscure music.

Occult Stuff

Abundant Hope, religious texts, includes occult texts

Astrum Argenteum, occult and magic

Beyond Weird, various occult documents, witchcraft, conspiracies

Bilioteca Pleyades, assortment of occult and conspiracy texts

Esoteric Archives

Hermetic Academy Library

Sacred Texts


Element, encrypted messaging, Discord alternative

The Paranoid's Bible, I have no idea what this is doing on Tumblr, but hey

PGP Mail Guide, privacy based alternatives

Privacytoolslist, privacy based alternatives

Prism Break, privacy based alternatives

Searx, alternative search engine

Spyware Watchdog

Radio, command line radio

JetSetRadio, Jet Set Radio-themed radio

MyNoise, background noise

Nightwave Plaza, vapourwave radio, summerwave radio

Radio.Garden, any radio station in the world, available at your fingertips

Radio Paradise

Radiooooo, music from any country, from any time period

Rainwave, video game music




Aibo Hack, hacking Aibo pets

Awesome Malware Analysis

Distro Watch, linux distros

Evolt Browser Archive, obscure browser

Hackaday and Retro Hackaday

LabGuy's World, video tape recorders before Betamax and VHS

Old Computer Museum

Old Computers

The Old Robots

PCjs Machines, recreating the IBM PC experience



TempleOS, bless

Toasty Tech

Virtually Fun, retro technology

Vogons Vintage Driver Library

The Walkman Archive

WebOasis, bunch of jerkarses, but a nice little index of websites.

Throwaway and Temporary Emails, the guy who runs this is an arse who reads all your email. ONLY use this as a throwaway.


Guerrilla Mail

Temp Mail


123apps, various tools

Account Killer

Browserling Tools, various tools

Can You Block It?, test your adblocker

Checkuser, username availability

Convertio, online converter

CyberChef, various tools

Dan's Tools, various tools

Excite, alternative search engine

Faganfinder, search databases

GDBypass, byspass GDrive quota

GetMega, bypass Mega speed limit

Have I Been Pwned, email breach monitor

Hybrid Analysis, check your files for malware

I Love PDF, pdf tools

Image Scrubber, cleans pictures of metadata

Instant Username, username availability

iqdb, anime reverse image search

Libreops, various tools

Librespeed, internet speedtest

Namechk, username availability

Online Convert let's you convert tons of file formats. Never used it though.

Online Converter is the same thing as Online Convert, but I actually use this.

Online OCR

Pinetools, various tools

Pixel Art Scaler, no quality loss

Print Friendly

Print What You Like

saucenao, reverse image search

Snipboard, image hoster

Snopyta, privacy-based services

Sumo, various tools

Time.Graphics, timeline creator

Tineye, reverse image search

VirusTotal, check your files for malware

W3Schools is awesome for you to learn how to code.

Waifu2x, picture rescaler, old-school search engine

Zamzar, converter