"Photo-File" from Doctor Who Weekly (January 1980)

I've scanned this from a copy of the magazine found on eBay recently. The text seems to contain some errors and inventions, so is perhaps best ignored, but despite that it's a sweet little page and worthy of record here.

If anyone wants to hunt down a copy, it’s from issue number 15, published on 23 January 1980 and sold for 12p (which for some reason is making me come over all sentimental. I mean, 12p: how adorable). The letters page is full of school photos sent in by younger readers and excited comments from their letters, including the (to me) slightly surprising demand for “More about Davros!”. Someone else asks “Why are there no female Daleks or Cybermen?”, which strikes me as a pretty good question. Sadly, no answer is given.

Here's a version without that "extremely accurate" text, with a bonus signature:

Also, there are no female Daleks and Cybermen because there is no such thing as gender in their culture :)