Jacqueline Hill photographed on set by E.G. Malindine for Illustrated magazine (1953)

"Her stage experience told her to listen hard [...] to every one of the old hands in the studio who had any advice to offer. Everybody was very kind. They could have made it tougher, and no doubt they would have done if she had put on airs. But Jacqueline asked questions in all the right places. She got on well from the start with her leading man, Dermot Walsh - in fact, with everybody there."

This article from Illustrated, with its gorgeous pictures by the noted war photographer Edward G. Malindine, was sent to me in photocopy form by the V&A theatre archive. Going by the issue date visible in a corner of the page, I managed to track down an original copy of the magazine for sale online. I was so pleased to find it - it's far better to be able to scan the actual pages for posting here, but also, the V&A copy didn't include the little blurb from the contents page, with its endearing detail about Jackie getting lost on her way to the film studio and the journalists giving her a lift.

Sadly, the rest of the article wasn't archived, so we are left in the dark about the rest of it's content. It is also unknown what the issue date itself was. An hypothesis could be that the issue was from October or even a few months before, since the article was refering to The Blue Parrot, which was released in October.

If one day, during my research, I come across the heavenly issue, I'll make sure I upload it here!

And oh, we do know about the photographs :)

(Same one, more contrast)
(Don't know if this one was part of it)