Season 3 - classic

  1. Galaxy 4

  2. Mission to the Unknown

  3. The Myth Makers

  4. The Daleks' Master Plan

  5. The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve

  6. The Ark

  7. The Celestial Toymaker

  8. The Gunfighters

  9. The Savages

  10. The War Machines

Galaxy 4

Writer(s): William Emms

Director(s): Derek Martinus | Mervyn Pinfield

Producer(s): Verity Lambert


  1. Four Hundred Dawns (missing)
  2. Trap of Steel (missing)
  3. Air Lock
  4. The Exploding Planet (missing)

Mission To The Unknown

Alternate title: Dalek Cutaway

Writer(s): Terry Nation

Director(s): Derek Martinus

Producer(s): Verity Lambert

Episodes: 1 (missing)

The Myth Makers

Writer(s): Donald Cotton

Director(s): Michael Leeston-Smith

Producer(s): John Wiles


  1. Temple Of Secrets (missing)
  2. Small Prophet, Quick Return (missing)
  3. Death Of A Spy (missing)
  4. Horse Of Destruction (missing)

The Daleks' Master Plan

Writer(s): Terry Nation | Dennis Spooner

Director(s): Douglas Camfield

Producer(s): John Wiles


  1. The Nightmare Begins (missing)
  2. Day Of Armageddon
  3. Devil's Planet (missing)
  4. The Traitors (missing)
  5. Counter Plot
  6. Coronas Of The Sun (missing)
  7. The Feast Of Steven (missing)
  8. Volcano (missing)
  9. Golden Death (missing)
  10. Escape Switch
  11. The Abandoned Planet (missing)
  12. Destruction Of Time (missing)

The Massacre Of St Bartholomew's Eve

Alternate title: The Massacre

Writer(s): John Lucarotti | Donald Tosh

Director(s): Paddy Russell

Producer(s): John Wiles


  1. War Of God (missing)
  2. The Sea Beggar (missing)
  3. Priest Of Death (missing)
  4. Bell Of Doom (missing)

The Ark

Writer(s): Paul Erickson | Lesley Scott

Director(s): Michael Imison

Producer(s): John Wiles


  1. The Steel Sky
  2. The Plague
  3. The Return
  4. The Bomb

The Celestial Toymaker

Writer(s): Brian Hayles | Gerry Davis | Donald Tosh

Director(s): Bill Sellars

Producer(s): Innes Lloyd


  1. The Celestial Toyroom (missing)
  2. The Hall Of Dolls (missing)
  3. The Dancing Floor (missing)
  4. The Final Test

The Gunfighters

Writer(s): Donald Cotton

Director(s): Rex Tucker

Producer(s): Innes Lloyd


  1. A Holiday For The Doctor
  2. Don't Shoot The Pianist
  3. Johnny Ringo
  4. The O.K. Corral

The Savages

Writer(s): Ian Stuart Black

Director(s): Christopher Barry

Producer(s): Innes Lloyd

Episodes: 4 (all missing)

The War Machines

Writer(s): Ian Stuart Black | Pat Dunlop

Director: Michael Ferguson

Producer(s): Innes Lloyd

Episodes: 4