A dream log of sorts. Will get updated whenever. For now, have some past dreams.


A book about Jacqueline Hill comes out, I go out of my way to grab it. In typical dream fashion, the book keeps teleporting.

NOTE: At the time this happened, there was no book, but it exists now (link goes to the video in which I ramble on about A Future in Five Minutes).


I watched a shitty movie with Ace and we both riff on it.

I’m on a train, my wallet dematerialises and I spend the time looking for it while being chased by the police because how dare I demateriase my wallet?! I miss my stop.

Wake up babe! New Versailles series just dropped! Phillipe fights supernatural monsters.


I went out and bought Pokemon cards. The shop was bustling.


I was going to Australia to meet up with elden-12@Tumblr (oh great, hello!), but got lost. So, I ended up in the middle of a random group of people, and we went to a house with the strangest fucking layout. Everyone was warning each other about not getting eaten by spiders. Then my grandfather shows up! He’s been dead for 20 years or so, but he’s there! In the background! And William Russell and Ian are also there! Brain is getting confused (‘cause everything made so much sense before). So those two are hanging out because omg you look like me. Russell leaves, gives me a handshake, I manage not to die of happiness. The rest of the dream consists of me and Chesterton joking around. Never ended up meeting James damn.


I spent the whole time in a body of a young actor (F) who was filming a movie about a swimming competition... at my grandmother's house. I was running around like an idiot, everyone was in a frenzy.


It was Christmas and I was at my university to finish an exam or smth. I was trying to get there by train, and found myself in a different station, with only one train (that looked like eléctricos). It only went to Spain and back. So, the train almost ran me over, my mother materialised in front of me and told me to go home. I was running around the city now.


I was investigating the murder case of a Jane Doe. When we were trying to know her dental records all her teeth disappeared?? And then it turns out the whole thing was fake and we were wasting our time.


Here it goes! The origin story of Virgil, my imaginary boyfriend (I know he's not real, he's just a character).

It was like I was back at 12th grade, with my old classmates, and we were having a goodbye party at this huge and awesome old mansion. At one point, I wanted to go somewhere else in the mansion, and me and that old classmate I used to play Sonic R with went down some spiraling stairs that never seemed to end. I found a very mysterious looking victorian woman who said this man wanted to meet me... alone... So I went with her and met this hot victorian dude. His name was Virgil Barlow and he was a very sweet dude.


Evil Russian man drops over at my grandma's house to say that our family should join their cause. My dog was there, transforms into a human and tells Evil Russian man to leave us alone or she'll eat him. Princess is based.


I was hanging out with Van Gogh. He was pretty chill in the dream. Walked in a field, talked about art stuffs.