George petting Bartholomew, from Manor of Convinience, by Katie and Claire. Please read. (Finished 06/08/2019)
Pierre Kirby in Full Metal Ninja. (Finished 16/03/2019)
Whatever the hell is going on here... (Finished 19/02/2019)
Aasi, Morso and Mouru celebrating! (Finished 09/01/2019)
Saint Michael weighting souls... One of my first attempts at digital. (Finished 19/08/2018)
Brigadier fighting Briga-evil over soup. My take on an illustration from the Doctor Who Cookbook. (Finished 11/07/2019)
Fight your evil robot clones!
Barbara and Bessie, smashing Daleks
A Waterman
The Doctor and Mel bond over "awful" sweaters.

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