"I can't stand fascists, n*zis, tankies and extremists. I loath radical feminists, TERFs and transmeds. Terrible people, full of disgusting beliefs and disgusting souls. (...) Then there's the p*dophiles and l*li / sh*ta / c*b lovers, and the people who hate others on the basis of their ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, (physical and mental) disabilities and neurodivergencies, and people who hate furries for no reason."

I do not care for your stupid internet drama. I have a life outside of here and so you do. Live it.

This also goes to people who police other people's interests. Unless they are hurting someone.

It's very simple. Just be a decent human being. Be nice, kind and respectful of others. The world is not you and you alone.

I have two mottos I go by: "Live and let live." and "Respect the other, until they disrespect you.". You could say it's a bit satanic, but hey!

I am an atheist, but I'm respectful of other beliefs (unless it's a cult). I'm an anarcho-socialist, apparently. I can feel romantic attraction sometimes (gender does not play a part on it), but sexy things are kinda yicky. I go by queer and I'm on the asexual spectrum; I refuse other labels. I am a transgender man and what I do from here on out is none of other people's business.

Economics: Control

Personal Freedom: Truth

Culture: Progress

Equality: Outcome

Government: Fanatic Anti-Authority

Foreign Policy: Fanatic Anti-Imperialism

All doggos best doggos.

Have a nice day. Laugh hard, run fast, be kind.