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Commission status : CLOSED

My name is Bernardo (Bernie for short) and I'm a 20smth years old Portuguese man (he/him)

I'm an amateur artist and learner of animation, and here is where you can find my commission info and social media I'm active on and have more art examples.

All these social media icons you see are from King-Lulu-Deer on DeviantArt (link here)

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Types of Commission

Some info about what I can do

Terms of Services

Types of Commission

Inked drawing

Sketched either traditionally or digitally. Inked either traditionally or digitally, at commissioner's request. If traditionally, scanned at 300dpi. Provided as a .png.

Headshots / Bust (can be made into an icon) - 2 EUR

Halfbody/Waist-legtht - 4 EUR

Fullbody - 6 EUR

Coloured drawing

Sketched either digitally or traditionally. Scanned at 300dpi if traditional. Inked and coloured digitally. Provided as a .png. Simple animation provided as .gif.

Headshots / Bust (can be made into an icon) - 4 EUR

Halfbody / Waist-lenght - 6 EUR

Fulbody - 8 EUR

Pixel Art

Pixel artwork provided as .png

Headshots / Bust (can be made into an icon) - 2 EUR

Halfbody / Waist-lenght - 4 EUR

No examples available yet

Fulbody - 6 EUR

No examples available yet

Character Reference Sheets

Drawn digitally and provided as a .png.

2 fullbody views, 1 headshot or detail view, colour palette, character name, species and pronouns - 15 EUR

> +Fullbody view - +10 EUR

> +Headshot or detail view - +5 EUR

> +Alternate costume addition - +10 EUR

> Prop/equipment/item/pet detail - +5 EUR

Other extras

>Crosshatching thing / rough shading - +4 EUR

>More than 1 character - +50% base price for each character added (example, fullbody w/ 2 characters is 9 EUR)

>Simple animation (will be provided as .gif) - +4 EUR

>Simple background (generic and simplistic landscapes, non-detailed rooms) - +4 EUR



Terms of Services


  • All commissions must all be paid upfront.
  • The accepted currency is EUR (euros).
  • Only accepting Paypal (via Ko-Fi) at the moment.


  • You may approach with the commission. If I accept, we can discuss better.
  • After discussion, you may proceed with payment.
  • After payment, the commissioner will receive a notification and the commission will start.
  • The commissioner has to send references (e. g. character reference sheets, stock poses, clothing references, colour references, ...)
  • After each stage (being sketch, ink, colouring (if appliable) and finishing), the commissioner will be provided with the work in progress for approval.
  • The time for the commission to be completed can be up to 1 month depending on the commission order, complexity, school and family issues.
  • Keep in mind, major changes can only be made in the sketching stage, after that only small changes.

Copyright and Usage Policy

  • I, the artist, hold the rights to the produced artwork.
  • The artist is allowed to post the artwork wherever he wants and promote himself using the artwork.
  • The commissioner is allowed to use the copyrighted artwork for personal use, print the art, claim the right of their character(s) if they are represented in their artwork and use the art to promote themselves with proper credit given to the artist.
  • The commissioner is NOT allowed to use the artwork for commercial purposes.
  • NFts are not allowed in any way, shape or form.

Cancelling and Refund Policy

  • The commissioner can demand a full refund only BEFORE the inking stage has started. After that, only half refunds.
  • After asking for a refund, the commissioner will not have access to the artwork.
  • No refund available after the artwork is completed.
  • I, the artist, have the right to refuse a commission.

By commissioning me, you are under this ToS.


  • Your username
  • Your form of contact (mastodon/twitter/tumblr/email)
  • Type of commission + extras (if any)
  • References & details (character, pose, expression, mood...)

Thank you for your time!